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Rennae is a proficient spiritual Consultant and natural Channel. Her intuitive gifts include clairaudience, clairvoyance and psychometry.  During her consultations, Rennae draws upon her personal blend of extrasensory abilities and mediumship to engage her client’s energy, derive and convey insightful information, as well as bridge the spirit and angelic realms.  Rennae’s simultaneous occupation of three different vibrational planes encourages an optimal sacred space for her sessions while equally enhancing her reception of messages. Throughout a consultation, Rennae receives and connects to the energetic presence of a client’s transitioned loved one, angel, totem and/or guide.  Rennae shares her intuited impressions and communicates directly what she perceives from spirit while the client simultaneously obtains information on a subconscious level.  This information will often filter through and present itself later for additional guidance and/or clarity.  Following the intuitive portion of the reading, the client is invited to ask questions which will be relayed to spirit and answered. Rennae concludes her consultations by providing her client with a special angelic message selected from a spiritually guided, specifically chosen deck of oracle cards.


Healing Angels
Angels are glorious, cosmic, Beings of light graciously extending their presence throughout our lives with or without our acknowledgement. Every Angel has their own vibrational energy, radiant color, sound and frequency. All Angels possess individual consciousness allowing them to act independently, and/or they can network together synergistically by blending and drawing from each other's energies.

In healing, the Angels utilize minuscule particles of light and color to activate the codes housed within the center of our cells to promote restoration, regeneration, and health to our bodies. The Angels bathe us in rays of light accompanied by waves of Divine love for a pure immersion of therapeutic energy capable of dispelling negativity, overcoming fear, delivering peace of mind and remitting remedial care.

Rennae channels the gentle power of angelic energy during her IET® sessions.  Integrated Energy Therapy® uses an angelic energy ray systematically directed by the practitioner to energize specific areas of the body’s cellular memory by means of therapeutic touch. The IET® session continues with the stimulation of unique IET® integration power points followed by effective release techniques to clear energy blockages from the human energy field. IET® is a hands-on therapy system offering safe support while gently releasing limiting energy patterns from your past, empowering your life in the  present and promoting personal excellence as you progress into the future. www.LearnIET.com  

Rennae is an IET® Master Instructor offering classes on Integrated Energy Therapy® . Students can receive NCBTMB continuing education hours.

Rennae’s experience as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® {certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.} provides additional methods to discern and assist limiting areas in your life. A Divine connection bringing guidance, therapeutic benefits and support is the expressed love of the “healing angels”.  www.AngelTherapy.com


Reiki [Ray-Kee]
Reiki is a time honored and sacred energy technique. The name Reiki is Japanese in origin and refers to Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the mid 1980’s and is an ancient method of healing connecting Universal Life Force Energy with the body’s own natural power to heal.  Reiki is a "hands-on, hands-off” light touch healing therapy that is gentle yet effective. Reiki’s application safely promotes self-healing through balance. Acting as an intuitive energy, Reiki  flows to the areas the recipient needs it most. Reiki aligns the chakras [energy centers], reduces stress and promotes relaxation.  Although immediate effects may not be apparent, the recipient often becomes aware of subtle, yet powerful changes occurring on emotional, mental, spiritual and/or physical levels following Reiki sessions. In summary, Reiki is a multi-faceted spiritual energy assisting in the activation of the Divine potential within all living things.

Rennae is a Master Teacher of Usui and Karuna Reiki.


Raindrop Technique
Raindrop Technique combines the wisdom of the Lakota, the ingenuity of Gary Young, and the healing power of essential oils.

Raindrop Technique (therapy) is a relaxing modality providing the benefits of aromatherapy accompanied with the therapeutic application of anti-microbial, Young Living, essential oils. The back, specifically the spine, is the main focus. Administration of complimentary essential oils are applied in succession along the spine using varied massage techniques. A hot compress follows allowing full penetration of the oils through the skin and into the body. Each essential oil works harmoniously and in unison to assist elimination of toxins from the body.

Raindrop Technique is effective in the fight against viruses, aligning the body's energy centers, reducing inflammation, encouraging realignment of the spine and generating better health.


Reflexology is the combination of purposeful massage and zone therapy. As an alternative healing method it is believed the bottoms of our feet contain points connected to all other parts of our body.  Working with these correlating points by applying pressure in unison with specialized massage to the feet facilitates the capability to restore normalcy of function and supply relief from pain to virtually any part of the physical body.  Tenderness of a specific point during a reflexology session may indicate a concern in conjunction to the area of tenderness and it’s correlating body part.  The reflexologist can share this awareness with the recipient providing them with an opportunity for further consideration, additional examination, as well as the option of pursuing supplemental treatment.


  Healing Hands
Rennae offers her personal instruction of Reiki and IET®. Classes occasionally appear on her calendar for considering, however Rennae prefers providing a "flexible schedule" when planning her classes. Rennae equally welcomes the impromptu individual and/or group. Rennae's efforts are focused on accommodating the student. Working together, Rennae and the student[s] orchestrate an ideal time frame for accomplishing the desired class. Interested parties are invited to contact Radiant Beings. When the student is ready ... The teacher is here.